software consulting pricing (updated: 27. February 2017)

Initial consulting, 0-4 days, is totally free! It can also be used for verifying crucial skills and capabilities for providing the ROI.
♨ JEE full-stack senior level software engineering & architecture
∰ Technologies & frameworks: Java8, Spring, Hibernate, Maven (JPA), Eclipse/IntelliJ IDE, Javascript+JQuery+AngularJS, MySQL/SQLite, Apache Tomcat, Hamcrest+Mockito, JIRA, Hudson/Jenkins, GIT, code coverage tools/reports
45€/hour (remote) - 70€/hour
⛹ Android development (senior level, Google Play dev)
∰ Technologies & frameworks: Java8, Android Studio 2.2.2
♔ Special skills: OAuth2 (FB+Google), apps using Google Maps & in-app-purchase technologies, cloud development

42€/hour (remote) - 65€/hour
♘ iOS development
∰ Technologies & frameworks: XCode & Swift / Objective C
30€/hour (remote) - 50€/hour
✌ C programming
30€/hour (remote) - 50€/hour gcc etc. (assigned environment, frameworks & tools)
➠ Other programming / bug fixing (e.g. C++/asm/Pascal/BASIC)
25€/hour (remote) - 40€/hour
⏰ project auditing (normally 1-5 days) initial 1-2 hours pre auditing is for free
60€/hour (remote) - 90€/hour until 5 days and 40€/hour - 60€ / hour after 5th day
✍ specification & documentation
40€/hour (remote) - 70€/hour
⛑ project lead / managing / chief architect
50€/hour (remote) - 75€/hour
⛷ SCRUM master services
40€/hour - 70€/hour

⌨ Framework & software versions will be the newest possible or the ones requested by the customer. Main computer used for JEE & Android development will be MacBook Pro Retina (macOS Sierra).

⌚ Other pricing options are negotiable: e.g. day / monthly price. The longer the project contract, generally the cheaper the hourly price will be.

☔ If the skills are not matched by the project requirements, nothing will be billed and no contracts made. Initial evaluation and analysis will be for free. The evaluation of the project might lead to suggestions of major changes in every aspect of the project and organization (e.g. schedule, resources, budget, technologies, software engineering practices). In extreme cases project termination could be suggested.

⚖ Contract lengths can be negotiated initially from a couple of days to 1-2 years. ⚖

How can I help? Email FaceOP principal consultant Daniel Kolsi and ask more! Or view LinkedIn profile or FaceOP app page.

⛽ My story in a nutshell: SVI318 (1985), C128, Amiga500, 2000, 4000 (demoscene: DCS, basic, assembler...), Helsinki University of Technology (Unix, Linux), Java since 1996, C/C++, studying & working CS lab research assistant, rational drug R&D for five years & bioinformatics, MSc'2003 (CS), software consulting for global companies at Helsinki capital area, chess engine programming etc., FaceOP app development (iOS, Appery.io, Android). It's +20 years since I started programming in Java and +22 years since I did my first web pages!
⦿ What is FaceOP? FaceOP is in the first place a mobile app for "operating face-to-face profile matched group meetings". It has been under development since 2013-2014 and the Beta has been available in Google Play since 2016.
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